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שרשרת אקורדיון כתום מבד משי של עמנואל אוגרו

בתוספת חרוזי זכוכית מייוקי

וסוגר מגנטים


אורך השרשרת 58 ס״מ


מתוך האתר:

Lolaandthreads is a boutique brand which creates very bold jewelry for people who strive to stand out, 
Our jewelry is hand-made with a great love and care. We make exclusive, one of a kind pieces, made of mostly natural materials: silk, mohair, cotton and linen threads, pearls, Miyuki beads, shells and silver or gold covered parts.
If you’ve chosen Lolaandthreads jewelry, you are definite to steal the spotlight.

My creations are influenced by growing up in Astrakhan, an old city along the former Silk Road, where camel thorns were rolling on the hot deserted streets. My designs are hand made into unique pieces of art at my  home in Haifa and reflect the colorful influences from an intersection of cultures and experiences.

Enjoy it!

שרשרת אקורדיון כתום - lola and thread

440.00 ₪מחיר
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