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חוט כסף


אורך 19 ס״מ



מתוך האתר של קטיה:

An artist, a designer, a lover of life.

Born in Russian wilderness, raised by the classics, visited the
outskirts of human take on culture and transformed into a broad
minded, free,contemporary artist.

The natural, inherent, ever happening change of shape. The process of
transformation leads to new concepts, new life.
The jewelry reflect the transformation of substance that leads to
transformation in use. The appearance and disappearance of matter, the
imagined are resolved.

Peace within that leads to peace with all.
Harmonious living.

The process of integrating the spheres is an ongoing, life changing
process and hence always a bit undone, some totally country side and
rural, always natural. And so are Katia Alpha jewelry, urban and
rustic, delicate to micro details and yet undone.

Please Enjoy my jewelry.
Love life.
Love we do. 


צמיד ארוג עם עין מפליז

760.00 ₪מחיר
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