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3 מכתבים מקופלים מפורצלן


מונח על משטח עץ


אמנית אילה צור

מידות: 20*40ס״מ


על האמנית אילה צור:

(מתוך אתר האינטרנט שלה-

I was born and raised in Kibbutz Sde Nehemia, Israel. I studied ceramics at the Tel Hai College of the Arts. During these three years I acquired the best foundation of this ancient craft. I studied in depth different techniques, processes and materials in the world of ceramics. This foundation allows me to explore different and unfamiliar places, coming from deep knowledge and familiarity with the material.

My work is influenced by different materials in the world of craft and art. I love the movement and softness of textiles. I love delicate thin paper and the beautiful metals in jewelry. Embroidery brings me back to childhood memories. Writing, calligraphy, ancient scrolls and archeological finds are also a source of inspiration for me in my works.

I am fascinated by these connections and that is expressed in the creation of something completely new. Sometimes I Iike shattering the familiar definitions and patterns. Instead I develop curiosity and raise new questions.

I go through lots of trial and error. This technique that I work with for me is a treasure, it allows me to connect the different inspirations and express them in the material I love so much. Thus I create works that are ultimately me.

Clay for me is a soul mate. I understand it and it understands me. Together we embark on fascinating journeys. This is where I search, ask, test, challenge and observe.


מכתבים מקופלים - אילה צור

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